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4proMiami Web Security
4proMiami Web Security

A brand new website is more likely to be attacked by unauthorized parties. Even highly modified and secured websites also have higher risks of data theft and viruses. Web security is the most fundamental requirement of every website that has been created. Not taking this fact seriously could result in massive information theft and loss that could be too much to bear. 

4proMaimi provided its customers with web security services to protect their website against all the security threats. Business websites are more likely to be affected due to such illegal sources that can shut down your website completely. Our web security services involve a number of strategies and plans which are designed keeping in view your website requirements. 

There are multiple reasons to avail our web security services because it has reliable results. Here are a few reasons we can provide based on which, you may choose us. 

Complete Security

We manage your web security and make it properly safe. Your website may never encounter any type of dangerous threat that affects its security. All the data and personal information is stored safely with the implementation of professional anti-virus and anti-worms programs. The entire website is shielded with the best programs that work well against several security threats. 

Strong Passwords

We set powerful and strong passwords for your website and its different user accounts. The reason behind doing so is, it is hard for the hackers to find out complex passwords. The easier and simpler passwords often get hacked without any special effort. 4proMiami won’t provide any chance to the hackers to hack your website. That is why our selection of solid passwords may save you from this trouble. 

Regular Updating

Whenever the new updates are done, it reduces the chance of theft to a larger extent. We keep on updating stuff in your website such as content, pages, themes, passwords, and different information. We bring upgrades to a number of files in the website to prevent any future threats. With this move, we become able to provide you complete web security. Your website stays secure instead of letting unauthorized sources affect it. Upgradation makes the website better and powerful, which is why we use this technique in our web security services.

Website Backups

We do update your website, but we never forget the backups. We always save backups and keep them secured with us. These backups may help us recover your website if you lose your data accidentally, or get negatively affected by a source. 

Careful Selection of Extensions 

Selecting and enabling any extension could be harmful to the security of your website. It is not at all a good idea to keep adding multiple extensions to your website. Undoubtedly, they do wonders for your website. But, on the other hand, they are quite dangerous for the security of your website. Therefore, we choose only the essential extensions and avoid any useless ones to ensure web security.

Limit Permissions

It is not cool to allow a number of people access your website as an admin. Most of the websites, especially the blog sites, allow their writers to have their individual writer accounts on the website that could be a danger to your website’s security. We keep a strict check on who can access your website, and what is their purpose to do so. 

Miami digital marketing company – 4proMiami usually recommend no other accounts to the website directory because it may affect your website security in thousands of ways. So, it is better to avoid a lot of permissions and this is what we do. We limit the permissions and number of users who can log into your website and do changes.